What you'll learn

  • Linking risk management to strategy formulation and execution

  • Managing the risks from uncontrollable external events

  • Responding to reputational and brand risks

  • Organizing, managing, and governing the risk management function

  • Maintaining the creative tension between innovation and risk management

  • Expand your personal and professional network

Course description

All organizations—even those with sophisticated models of risk exposure—are vulnerable to disaster. In most organizations, risk management attempts to avoid disasters by emphasizing compliance, internal controls, and conformance to standard operating procedures. This live online program takes a more comprehensive and strategic view of risk management. It provides frameworks and tools for senior leadership and corporate boards to strengthen your company's approach to managing both internal and external risks. You will return from this virtual program ready to develop and implement innovative strategies by better identification and mitigation of the attendant risks.

In this live online course, you will examine the latest research and best practices for measuring risk level, assessing potential threats, identifying and responding to novel risk events, and protecting enterprise value. By improving your ability to organize, manage, and govern the risk management function, you will be better prepared to protect your company's assets, brand reputation, and competitive advantageand to respond rapidly to unexpected, consequential events.

This program immerses you in dynamic case studies, scenario planning, and wargaming exercises, as you explore how public, private, and nonprofit organizations are driving and preserving enterprise value. You will return to your company with a personal Key Risk Indicator scorecard that incorporates risk into strategy execution—and with the frameworks to turn short-range risks into long-term opportunities.

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