What you'll learn

  • Get new insights into the nature of economic growth. 


  • Define your specific economic growth or inclusion challenge.


  • Identify local opportunities to drive inclusive economic growth.


  • Diagnose constraints to inclusive growth in your context and develop policies and teams to address them. 


  • Identify key agents of change to help you achieve your goals.


  • Enhance your organization's ability to use frameworks and tools to implement economic strategies. 


Course description

In an increasingly connected world, strategies for economic growth must become more inclusive to account for a multitude of different contexts. Policymakers need not only to recognize instances of economic exclusion but also to diagnose the causes—and ultimately work toward global solutions. 

Led by professors Ricardo Hausmann and Matt Andrews, Strategies for Inclusive Growth is a one-week, on-campus program from Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education that specifically addresses this emerging challenge. Since the curriculum places inclusion at the heart of the economic agenda, you will learn to use powerful new tools that create a roadmap to shared prosperity—and to mobilize teams to achieve this goal.

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