What you'll learn

  • Create systematically effective interactions with stakeholders
  • Increase your level of contribution and presence when working with others
  • Build highly interactive teams that take advantage of hidden talent
  • Turn difficult discussions into opportunities for innovation
  • Build a personal network of alliances and innovation partnerships

Course description

Challenges of the digital workplace are not limited to strategy and technology changes. They also include new ways of working with your peers and connecting with your customers. As a result, you might notice that your new agile processes are exposing flaws in your relationships.

In order for you to drive, design, and deliver constant innovation, you have to reframe and customize your approach, connect with your peers across multiple departments, and foster creativity and innovation in complex environments. Most of the time, you will find yourself doing all of this while you work with a variety of challenging people on highly visible programs. Effective leadership requires powerful alliances, yet many of the behaviors that break trust in the workplace are small, subtle, and unintentional.

This program helps leaders understand how to work with others to create more effective interactions. This will help change the way they demonstrate their level of contribution and commitment, and, ultimately, shift the perception others have of them so they can operate with a new level of influence and confidence. Through the use of proven frameworks, tools, and action plans, participants will discover unique ways of working that will help them capitalize on organizational values, maximize team networks, and use disagreement to create competitive advantage.

Note: All program content will be delivered live and will not be recorded.


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