What you'll learn

  • Aligning mission and organizational performance management

  • Collaborating with partners

  • Innovation through measurement

  • Challenges and obstacles to managing organizational performance

  • Sustainable performance management systems

Course description

Performance measurement is essential for organizational innovation, learning, and success. Nonprofits, however, must evaluate social or environmental outcomes as well as financial performance, and the ideal metrics are not always easy to identify. Indeed, to improve the effectiveness of a nonprofit organization—especially when tackling society's toughest challenges—senior executives and board members must prioritize assessment of organizational performance. In this live online program, you will explore how to align mission and strategy through performance measurement.

This program helps nonprofit executives like you to think conceptually about organizational performance measurement. Through a powerful combination of faculty presentations, case studies, classroom exercises, and group discussions, you'll examine the rationale behind performance measurement and gain valuable insight into its critical aspects.