What you'll learn

  • The LGBTQ+ big picture
  • Fostering inclusion, motivating employees, and boosting organizational performance 
  • Your identity, your life, and your leadership
  • Your unique approach to personal leadership
  • Thriving and leading in complex organizations

Course description

How can you achieve your potential as an LGBTQ+ executive? In this program, you will discover how to lead more fully, authentically, and effectively, in ways that align with your values and identity. Engaged with a community of peers, you will explore the many facets of leading as an LGBTQ+ executive as well as the dynamics of difference and inclusion today. As you explore emerging research, gain mastery of best practices, and try out new ideas in a supportive and interactive environment, you will evolve as a leader in ways that are fully integrated with your LGBTQ+ experience. You will emerge ready to find deeper fulfillment in your role, lead with greater confidence, and contribute more fully to your organization's success.

Offered in a two-module format that maximizes learning while minimizing time away from the office, this program equips you with both hard and soft skills that will help you thrive as an LGBTQ+ leader. As you gain new insight on the LGBTQ+ experience in today's business environment, you will discover new ways to inspire excellence in your team—and accelerate your career.

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