What you'll learn

  • Developing a strategic sales approach optimized for your business
  • Moving from a strategic vision to an integrated selling plan
  • Building your sales organization to match your strategy
  • Creating the optimal infrastructure and processes

Course description

A company's sales organization is a core vehicle for implementing business strategy—yet there's often a big gap between the company's strategic objectives and the way its sales organization actually functions. In this program, you will examine the critical relationship between business strategy and sales activities and discover how to synchronize your strategic priorities, go-to-market initiatives, and sales team to boost revenue and long-term success.

Focusing on sales execution as a strategic asset, this sales channel strategy program will help you enable essential company-wide alignment. By aligning strategy and sales, you will explore new ways to help sales professionals meet their numbers, how to improve your company's return on investment in business development activities as well as implement the infrastructure, processes, and cultural values critical to profitable growth.

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